Integra is a modern organization with an advanced method of selection in which the organization is an active part of the process and is not merely a passive decision maker.

We take into account the mutual expectations of both the candidate and the organization, so that the people setting their functions are selected as close as possible and thus satisfaction is maximized by both parties, resulting in better balance person-organization-functions-workstation and avoid additional costs in alternative selections.

We have the best procedures for the company that charges us a choice to continue to live their process, and intervene if it considers it necessary, to further aspects of the candidate it deems appropriate for its success in your organization. In sum, the selection that promotes Integra is one that allows the company to hire us, to have the peace of mind that the candidate who joins has the same personal and professional resources sufficient for success in his work, and to the selected candidate, the peace of knowing that he have the skills and attitudes needed for the position he are applying to our customer.