I Mindfullness Integra Forum addressed to Medical Tutors Teachers of Tenerife


Self-management training, stress reduction and prevention of “burnt” or burnout program, based on the practice of mindfulness syndrome.

Aimed at teaching doctors Unit Family and Community Medicine, University Hospital of the Canary Islands.

Theoretical and practical bases of the program are based on the MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction) by Jon Kabat-Zinn at the University of Massachusetts.

The intervention consisted of a psychoeducational group activity, which involved 10 doctors guardians, 2 fourth-year residents and 3 nurses at Hospital Universitario de Canarias, intensive 20 hours spread over 9 sessions over 7 weeks. The sessions included: situational brief theoretical presentations, exercises and practice “mindfulness” and group discussion time on the implementation in the daily life of Mindfulness.

Cognitive training was to improve the above base build new brain connections and strengthen existing ones in order to improve the way of life and more adaptively manage the situations that generate conflicts mental processes. It is the application of neuroscientific principles in Training the brain.

Mindfulness helps us to know ourselves,
provides calm and serenity,
and it facilitates relationships with others.

This mental training can fully live each experience. Mindfulness helps us to know ourselves, provides calm and serenity, and allows a state of mind that gives us relationships with others in terms of personal and professional standpoint.

Therefore practice increases our ability to:
❱❱ Self-knowledge.
❱❱ Complacency.
❱❱ Professional satisfaction.
❱❱ Control stress.

And it helps us to:
❱❱ Regulate emotions.
❱❱ Prevent and reduce burnout.
❱❱ Cultivate positive states and traits.
❱❱ Be less reactive and therefore react reflexively.
❱❱ Having greater flexibility in our responses, which makes us more adaptive to various situations including stress.

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