Analysis, diagnosis and organizational interventions


Integra analyzes in depth each of the important aspects of the organization in which the person and the organization interact within a system in constant evolution. To do this we make a diagnosis information flows in the organization, we offer a analysis of organizational climate, of leadership styles tailored to the needs of our client organizations, in order to identify those aspects that do not conform to the objectives of the organization, and avoiding situations like the ” burnout ” in a disreputable organization to maintain an optimal level of performance and satisfaction of the members who compose it.

Integra involved resizing functions and develop appropriate programs to align each of the members of the organization with common goals, global, specific and social pursued the organization, increasing the satisfaction and performance of people working on it.

Integra always believe that no major changes are needed for optimal and effective results that make the organization a profitable system that allows and encourages innovation of individuals and organizations in order to be properly positioned on the changing marketplace.

Integra deeply believes in healthy, flexible and perfectly aligned organizations with the purpose for which they were born and especially with a changing global market and, from this perspective, Integra listening and working closely with the organization to get.